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Draft, review, and analysis of contracts, and business operation agreements. We provide personalized service for each client’s diverse needs in Portuguese, English and Spanish



Family Based

To promote family unity, immigration law allows lawful permanent residents
of the United States (also called LPRs or Green Card holders) to petition for certain eligible family members to obtain immigrant visas to come and live permanently in the United States or to adjust their status to LPRs if they are currently  living in the United States.




Every fiscal year (October 1st – September 30th), approximately 140,000 employment-based immigrant visas are made available to qualified applicants under the provisions of U.S. immigration law. 





Why should
you hire us?

Crosara Law is a client-centered law firm. This means that we put ourselves in our client’s position, and we seek to provide solutions for our clients, whenever is possible, to solve their particular legal issue, in a timely, and affordable way. 

With an academic background in Business Administration and Law in Brazil and a Juris Doctor and a LLM in International Law in the US, the attorney Sejana Crosara has the expertise to accompany clients in the negotiation of complex contracts, clause by clause, in order to provide legal certainty and anticipate future problems. “We bring value to the table by exploring smart business strategies.”

Our fluency in Portuguese, Spanish and English allow our office to increase communication with clients who are unable to speak English, generating greater trust and interactivity. "We are able to communicate effective in different languages, helping our clients with language challenges. Clients who don't speak English feel much more confident by speaking to their attorney in their same language. This not only create trust and empathy, but also minimize communication errors that sometimes occur in translations.” 

As an immigrant, we put ourselves in our client's shoes because we know the anxiety and stress that follow an immigration process. “I understand not only the legal, but also the emotional part that an immigration process brings to a client's life. It is far beyond an investment of money! It is a transforming force that involves acceptance, decisions, detachment, expectations, but mainly the achievement of a dream.”


Mission  Vision and  Values

Provide legal services with excellence, competence, ethics and transparency, in order to obtain expressive results that guarantee the satisfaction of our clients and help them to achieve their goals in an effective and innovative way.

"Our vision is to make our law firm an instrument to transform people’s lives."

Ethics, Transparency, Respect, Excellence.



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Sejana Crosara

“Walking alongside my clients, providing them the best representation is my objective at Crosara Law".

Sejana Crosara is the founder of Crosara Law and a licensed lawyer in the states of Florida, Massachusetts and New York, in the United States of America. She has experience in civil law jurisdictions, especially in Brazil, in tax law, contract law, insurance, consumer rights and protection, labor law, complex labor disputes, and negotiation of collective bargaining  agreements. She has extensive experience in investment structuring and Due Diligence. Her experience in contract law includes dealing with multinational companies and financial institutions.

Sejana graduated in Law from the University of Miami, having received the Juris Doctor degree (2017-2019) and the LLM - Latin Legum Magister degree in International Law (2018), with honors. She received the Cali Award, Excellence for the Future Award in the Study of Unions and Bargaining Collective Agreements (2018), premium awarded to the highest-ranking student in each law school class. Sejana's experience as Business Director of a Vehicle Dealership Group in the State of Goiás, Brazil, involves negotiations with major European car manufacturers, including FIAT, Volvo and Peugeot.

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